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 Jewish people worldwide. At the end of the war the number dropped to only 11 million. Today there are 14.8 million Jewish people worldwide- Less than 80 years ago!

The data shows that more than 60% of diaspora Jews will assimilate into their environment and will cease identifying as Jewish. 

This era is one in which the connection to a Jewish nationality and the state of Israel is declining on one hand and on the other anti semitism is rising even under the umbrella of a political movements such as the BDS,  to an extent that video games featuring shooting at Jewish people are being programmed, Etc.

We are nearing a point where there are no living Holocaust survivors around to tell the stories that will fade away and fear the moment when their alarming message and heritage will be forever gone.


We have identified the need to develop and implement future baring approach educational and other initiatives to bridge the gap between current generations and the rich and multilayered world of the Jewish identity and consciousness. Addressing that need will strengthen the connection between us as individuals, between us and Israel and will generate influences on Jewish and world’s public opinions.

Consciousness, memory and a future baring approach serves as an important element in generating all that creates a personal and a national identity.

as the book of Isaiah tells us - “Out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem”. This path starts here.

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Ambassadors of remembrance- 

 Second and third generations of the Holocaust speak out

A 21st century Jewish consciousness and identity preservation social startup

in association with 

The Institute for the Advancement of Teaching, Learning and Integration in the Education System

Founded by Prof. Yehuda Amir

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Our vision

To initiate and lead preservation of a Jewish and Zionist identity and consciousness activities for the Y Generation (millennials) and Gen Z’s (I Gen)based on the  Holocaust events and experiences and  presented/facilitated  in a modern methodology with  a 21st century and a future baring approach in mind.


Our program

we developed a one of a kind course, which aims at preparing the participants to become the storytellers.   
it is crucial to us to get our participants ready for the day no living survivor is present and start their journey to become ambassadors of remembrance now, before it is too late. we encourage our participants to to assimilate and deliver massages of universal, human nature in their texts. we believe that  by emphasizing that, we can reach more diverse audiences, for the greater good.

Our methodology

Our program features a multi disciplinary approach. it is divided to four sections as described below.

Emotional Support

​ Transitioning to the storyteller position is a complex process and is an important and a valuable one.

In this part of the study we come to acknowledge the emotional environment we're in.

where does it meet me? As a researcher, as a narrator as a family member.


How does the new position effects us and our surroundings?

Tips for dealing with trauma, post-trauma, and secondary trauma.

Using our story as a means of coping with the holocaust tragedy.

How shame and guilt become a paralyzing force or a motivating force.

Why is it so important to stop for a moment and deal with the stories and revelations?

Detection and self-treatment of the psychological alarm created by coping.

The writing and the stage. Emotional personal processing of story and discovery.


Digital Media

In this section of the activity, we review and get to know digital tools (free and non free) that will help us bring stories to new and diverse audiences.


We learn how to make a breathtaking presentation,

We will focus on communicating the message in the media based on our target audience and the messages we have refined during the process.



 The first section of our program, we structure the basis for our role replacement (from a listener to the speaker) . it contains the  knowledge and practice of writing an historical based personal story.

List of subjects-

A personal vs a collective identity and consciousness.

How to  conduct an historical/ journalist family  research. How do we decide what is relevant or not? We list a personal bibliography and learn the principals  of flexible  (story) skeletal design. We introduce models of writing, storytelling and creative storytelling.


Recognize the concepts of intellectual property and copyright – archive materials, media, videos, and music.

At the end of this section, each participant will establish a personal story framework that can be thickened and expanded.


Stage Act

We understand that in order to become unforgettable, one needs to get to know the art of story telling and practice in front of a live audience.

In this part we teach practical tools and methods from the world of act and stage.

No matter what medium is chosen to convey the story - in front of an audience, or digitally, these tools will help us engage the audience.


How do I stand in front of an audience as the biographical storyteller.

What do I choose to portray from the full story?

What is 'anchor' of my story

We analyze the personal  texts bearing the audience experience in mind.  we enrich our capabilities with tools for organizing visual, auditory or sensory center.

Creating an experience - how do we become "memorable".

At the end of this division, each participant will deliver a selected monologue to the group.


our team

Netta Shay Zilberfarb

Second generation to the holocaust, daughter of the late Ruth de-Vries (i.e Cecile Marianne Mendelsohn) born in Paris 1936.

Founder and owner of the venture.

M.S.P.C- master of science in professional communication, Clark university.

B.A- communication and journalism and far eastern studies, the Hebrew university in Jerusalem.

Career Management Specialist Coach, mediator, group moderator.

Volunteering- mentoring youth at risk , taking part in the Zikaron basalon activities, "the Faces" a testimonial survivors' portraits venture.

married to lior and mother of two.


Avner Yanai

Avner is an expert therapist in trauma and post-trauma care.

 BA in Psychology , Open University. A graduate of the Israeli program for cognitive behavior therapy in Tel Hashomer hospital, and a graduate of the group mentoring program at Bar Ilan University.


An expert in biofeedback.

Has a rich experience treating individuals dealing with trauma and post trauma.


One of the founders of the "Runners with Remy" runners is establishing rehabilitation support groups that encourage post-traumatic victims to seek treatment.


Married to Sarah who is second generation, father of three and grandfather of six.

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Deborah Fishman

Deborah Fishman is a second generation to the holocaust.

 Daughter of Edda nee Fischer and Yitzhak Lichtman.

B.A in Humanities studies, Tel Aviv University, as well as courses in language teaching, teaching high school literature, managing and mentoring groups.

She is a journalist, mentor and facilitator in the fields of research, writing , editing and production.


These days Deborah is the editor of  The Good Life magazine


Deborah leads the field of research, writing and editing in the course.

mother of two and grandmother of 9 grandchildren

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Noa Priel

Director and theater creator, specializing in movement and physical theater.

 She studied acting at Beit Zvi and  Tel Aviv University.


Writes curriculum in movement theater for various programs, lecturer in  Kay College, Bar Ilan university and privately.


Among her recent productions: directing and designing for Prokofiev's performance by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra - Peter and the Wolf. Dramaturgy, original director for the creation of the Israel Prize laureate: Andre Hobbies.


Adapted and directed to create the Israel Prize laureate: Ezekiel Brown - Apartment for Rent.


Dramaturgy, directing and designing for the musical work of looting "children's games". Performed by the elephant and produced by  Bar Ilan university .

mother of two.

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Our graduates


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